Tisens above Meran

Holidays in Meran & environs

Tisens is also referred to as the “balcony of the south” and is situated in a unique and looked-after cultivated landscape above the Etschtal valley between Meran and Bolzano. The area is characterized by fruit orchards, mixed forests as well as castles, palaces and many small churches. The village is known for its mild climate, the blossoming fruit orchards in spring and the sweet chestnuts for the traditional “Törggelen” in autumn.

Tips for excursions in Tisens:

  • Versoaln vine: the biggest and probably oldest vine in the world. The blossom and harvest festivals are very impressive.
  • Vorbichl adventure trail: a trail really popular among kids
  • Kneipp path: wholesomeness through water
  • Herb farm: get to know the curative effect of the herbs
  • Felt art hiking trail: explore objects d’art of felt that are integrated in nature
  • Nature adventure trail
  • Natural pond in a habitat with floating island: evening excursions through the local habitat
  • Tisens swimming pool