The Knoll Family - Warm, welcoming hosts

Holiday at the historic farm - South Tyrol

Erich and Sabine Knoll are versatile South Tyroleans: high school teachers and orchardists, but most of all nature lovers. Therefore they would like to give their guests an understanding of nature.

Sustainability and authenticity are vital to them. They heat their house with wood and solar energy and would like to let their guests share in a real piece of South Tyrol.

The hay in the relaxation room is taken from their own mountain pasture. Their guests are welcome to help with the harvesting of this. The stone pine beds and larch trees in the relaxation room, as well as the timber used for the restoration, is retrieved from their own forest.

The Knoll family grows apples and apricots in their orchards and afterwards the harvest is partly processed into delicious marmalade. You are more than welcome to join in the harvesting and give life on the farm a shot.